Hey. At Least It’s Not A Flower.

June 18, 2013 at 12:17 pm (Day to Day, For Stevie, Mushrooms, Stevie Pics) (, , , , , , , , )


Look at that. Stevie took those picture perfect mushrooms (?) toadstools (?) fungi (!) in the backyard at her grandpa’s house. Nice huh? They look like they should be in the deep woods or something instead of the middle of suburbia. Makes my fungi look so sad. Mine were taken off of the tree that was cut down last year and left to lay on the ground. These grew out of the stump:


I had some ground mushrooms that I took pictures of after it rained last week, but they are pathetic comparatively and not even worth your viewing time here. Believe me, I didn’t get down on the ground and really get in there, to capture their earthy essence, so they just look like brown spots in the tall grass that kind of-sort of look like mushrooms. You can see a domed cap and that’s about it. I think I am sensing a new feature, or at least a new tag and category. Mushrooms. I’m going to keep it simple. Also, FYI, full photo creds need to be given to Stevie for the picture of the white flowers in the next post. She reminded me, and wanted me to be sure and point out that she is the one who took the picture. NOT me. She took the white flower pic. She took the tall, yellow mushroom pic. I have to go to work. Later.

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