Desolation Row

August 16, 2012 at 12:51 pm (Day to Day, Employed Posts!, Motorcycle News, Road Trip, Tree Trouble, Weather) (, , , , , , , , , )

Another one and a half months goes by…and here we are again.

That pic above is from the BF’s 2 week, cross country, gorgeous scenery, motorcycle trip I had previously written about, oh say, 4 or 5 months ago. (And perfectly illustrates the vast emptiness that can be found here in this rolling, hilly, disaster of a website as well.) He planned it, funded it, took the vacation time, rode it,  and came back home. And I didn’t post a word about it. I had such big plans: tracking him across the country,  mapping out the route on a day by day basis, posting all the cool pics he sent back…but no. I am a bad GF. Besides completely ignoring this site, I barely even went ON the computer, much less the internet for fun. I checked money and paid bills. Thank goodness for a system that allows you to pay anything instantly and at the very last minute. The checks I actually have to mail now,  are always soooo late. I stink at maintaining the high level of entertainment and info all NONE of you expect.  Oh yes. I see my numbers. I see my site visits. ZERO. But that’s cool. Nothing to see here anyway folks.  Let’s just keep moving along.

Maybe another day…maybe in a few more hours…if I stay up really late and use my time to be productive instead of sitting on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns over and over. That’s another picture from the trip that I really like. Lots of loose ends. Raw material. Big sky. It’s solid and unstable at the same time.  Like this site. Like it’s owner. And now I’ve discovered this fab new game called Coin Dozer and Coin Dozer-World Tour that I can play on my smart phone. (See how I added that “smart” thing in there?, to ironically point out that I am participating in the polar opposite of anything that would be considered “smart”.) I am done for. I have sunk so low that I cannot even be bothered to form words (sorry Words with Friends–you are too hard on my few last functioning brain cells) or draw even the simplest of pictures (stick men, bow your heads in shame, Draw Something is also too difficult for my slowly atrophying brain to handle at this time), only you, Coin Dozer, are the thing keeping my mind from total mush. Like a bad melon. Drop coins on tray. Coins push forward. Coins barely move. Coins drop into prize area. Coins drop off side gutter. Get more coins. That’s it. Drop and roll. Nothing to it. I use up all my coins and I quit the game. When I come back in a few hours, I magically have more coins! I drop them all on the tray and quit again. So easy. So effortless. No stress. Takes about 5 minutes. I can switch back and forth between the two games (I hear that’s what some people do) but I prefer to just drop them all in one big load and come back later. I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something, but I am not going there. I’ve typed too much today already. Picture moment.

Anyway. This was just a quick hey and how ya doing until I can somehow get back on track with life. Again. It’s not bad, it’s just busy. And if I haven’t said it enough in the last 6 months, the shift I work sucks for social time. My schedule blows but I’m learning to adapt. Slowly. But things have been happening. I got a raise. The difference is literally in change…you know…cents. But it’s more. And I accrued 2 whole days of sick time if I need it! Nice. I never call off, but you never know. Winter is a coming. And I have managed to lose a nonfluctuating, solid, thirty pounds now, with a high/low weight differential of about 33-35 pounds total. And I have somehow managed to keep it all off. Even when I actually have time to eat food. Healthier choices, blah blah blah. I really need to add that exercise thing in again. Then I can really put up some numbers. But that kind of talk is for another time and place. BF vacation insert. Oregon. At the ocean. Just lounging.

Besides me, the kids are gearing up for school again. The boy is already back. Freshman year. Started Monday. Jumped right in. Full day with football practice for 3 hours after that. And then every day this week. And every day next week. And so on until football season is over. Adjustment. But he’s such a cool kid I know he can handle it all.  The girl is on reprieve until next week. I do need to get her up and out of this house though because we need school supplies and some pants. Notebooks and jeans, notebooks and jeans, notebooks and jeans……Yeah! Notebooks and jeans! That’s a Target commercial. In case you were wondering what that was all about. High fives if you totally sang it in your head. Bonus if you sang it out loud!

I really need to finish here.

Since my last post even more crap happened that I have pics of, and words for, but no motivation to put into action.

A second water main break, two weeks after the first one, in my front yard. It’s just dirt now with a patch of grass.

Some fence damage from another, separate, tree limb throwing itself to its death on the same stormy day. It landed in the neighbors driveway. Rude.

Another tree in my back yard decided it had enough of all that “standing” and “staying rooted to the ground” type nonsense, and forced me to take her down professionally before she split herself in two and took out the neighbors garage and house and the main power lines to the block.

Now I have an entire 50 years and 60 feet of tree laying all over my grass.

And I paid $1500 for the privilege of helping out this lazy tree!

Gratuitous product placement. That’s one big chainsaw!

In action.


Parameters. At least it all fit in the yard.

We had some real ugly weather around here too. And I posted nothing! Everyone who knows me, knows I love talking about that weather! 100+ degrees! Tornados! Microbursts! Scary ass lightning! I had a car break down. Stevie got trapped in a safety belt. The kids went on vacation. Madison, Wisconsin. Benches. Bugs. Birds. Racoons. Skunks. Opossums. Football. A car museum. The list goes on and on. Without looking at all the pictures I can’t even remember what we did, what I’ve already talked about and what I’ve missed. I will sum up safely with, probably not much. It’s all preview and hints and expectation. No substance. No meat. Speaking of meat, I really really really need to finish this “quick” post, because I also have to go “shopping” shopping too. Down to the last rolls of TP and some spoiled milk. I want to make a nice dinner tonight and possibly drink some wine. Dream big! Besides I think I have more coins I could be dropping. Here are some more pictures. Without comment. They really don’t need anything else.

Thanks for hanging. Now get out there and do anything else besides staring at your computer reading fluff pieces like this. Life is too short! 11 AM! I have got to go! Here is another random pic from the big trip! It’s a monument! Later!


  1. Mom said,

    What do you mean ‘zero’ visits to your site?? What am I? I ALWAYS visit your site when I get the email!! The nerve!!!!! (now take that back….)

    • masnstevy said,

      Blah blah. You have to visit even when you DON’t get an e-mail. That’s how you rack up the numbers! I’ll admit it’s not exciting to see the same boring post from 6 months ago, but I will be better! Love you!

  2. Linda W said,

    Oh my dear cousin… you sound like you need a short vaca.
    Thanks for posting. I like to hear what’s going on in your life.
    How bout moving to Rville??
    I need to hear more about the girl getting stuck in the seatbelt…WHAT?
    That’s it i’m not wearing it anymore…lol
    TAlk to ya soon 🙂

  3. Linda :-) said,

    Oh my dear cousin… sounds like you need a vaca.
    Thanks for posting. I like to hear what’s going on in your life.
    I need to know more about the girl and the seatbelt…WHAT?
    That’s it i’m not wearing mine anymore.
    Talk to ya soon : }

    • masnstevy said,

      Hey there cuz! You liked me so much you commented twice! I approved both versions of your e-mail so that, 1. You can post anything anytime immediately from either version of your e-mail name, and 2. because now it looks like I have MORE comments! Haha. Keep wearing your seat belt goofy! Just don’t wear it in the backseat and then lay down and try to twist yourself into a better laying position while pulling the shoulder strap down to your waist and over your legs and then trying to sit back up until the belt wraps tight around your middle and the strap locks into the full open position and you have no more slack to loosen it off your body, thereby creating a situation in which the only way you can get out of the car is to be cut out. Ridiculous. I am sure she couldn’t do it again even if she tried, but it sure makes for an interesting story. Thanks for keeping up with me! I am so mad I missed the party but none of my people would work for me! Saturdays are too precious when you have them off! Love looking at the pics and I am glad the rest of my family could represent for me! XO

  4. Lorraine said,

    I think the girl is a wiggle worm! At the pig roast the volley ball game came to a halt when the ball got pitched into one of the dog kennels. Before I could get to the outside gate to retrieve the ball she had gone inside Cody’s kennel and crawled thorough the 3′ by 2-1/2′ door to the outside of the kennel! Problem solved! You would have been proud! 🙂

  5. Lorraine said,

    I too had to spend about the same amount of cash to have a tree removed! Those tree guys are expensive but worth the dough……I could not have done it! At lease we got the firewood and now the peace of mind that a limb wont wind up in my bed!

    Nice pics of his road trip! Wish I would have read this before the party so I could have mentioned these to him. Oh well…..he was busy with a bags tournament.

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