Sugar Skulls and Marigolds

November 2, 2011 at 5:17 pm (Holiday) (, , , )


Frustrated!! That darn paper took 5 hours! From first word typed to printed and e-mailed to the teacher. I do not know why I put so much effort into things that I could probably get away with doing half-assed. But it was six pages of fun and thankfully it’s done. (That rhymed!)

I am also a little irritated that the picture of my sugar skulls and the marigolds is all grainy and computer-y looking. That’s the best I could get from taking the picture with my phone camera directly off the computer screen. It looked better when it was smaller in my photo files. You can still get the idea though. And that should encourage you to go out and find something better! Blah..I know. More homework. Do we have to do everything for ourselves?!? Geez. If you go the site above, they might have a whole gallery of new artwork dedicated to the Day of the Dead. I didn’t have time to check totally. Let me know.

Below is an altar picture to give you an idea of just how lavish and detailed this celebration can be.  This particular website is worth clicking on even after today. It covers a lot more than just this holiday. I know some of you out there will really like what they have there. Trust.

I have one more picture that I will post later. It’s really more fitting for after the sun goes down. It will give my website that sense of  seriousness and solemn gravity mixed with a measure of mystery and  the feeling that something supernatural is about to happen. Suspense! Until nightfall then.


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