Speaking of Apples…

October 6, 2011 at 4:35 pm (Fruits, Homemade) (, , )

What would you do if your child went apple picking and brought home 11 pounds of those crazy sweet fruits?

Why, you’d make jelly, of course!

Looks easy on the internet. Seems easy too. Cut this, boil that. Drain, strain, sugar, and juice. Boil. Boil. Boil. Boil. Boil some more. When it sticks to the spoon it’s done! Now pour it in a jar and boil it again. 5 more minutes. Done! Again.

What do you do with the leftover apple garbage?

Why, you put it in a blender and make applesauce of course. Silly. Homemade applesauce. Tastes like baby food. Sweetened and cinnamoned. Mmmm. Looks like throw up in a container. Baby throw up in a container.

But after 4 hours and about 100 degrees later (because of course, today, the temp outside decided to go back to a summer high of 85) we have three of the cutest little toasty brown jars of apple jelly.

They are adorable.

Now we let them sit for two weeks. TWO weeks. And we can open one up and pray that the  jelly is gelled. At  least this will give me enough time to search out the most perfect bread to spread this jelly upon. Oh wait! I can MAKE my own bread! Hot damn! Something to do tomorrow afternoon! Dream sweet!


  1. Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

    JELLY?!? 11 pounds of apples and you make JELLY?!?!? What is wrong with you???? Um, hello APPLE SLICES!!! You just wasted all those apples! thanks alot

    • masnstevy said,

      Calm down sistah!! That didn’t even crack the surface of those apples. And we ate a whole bunch of them too. But still…I didn’t make apple slices. That’s really your thing. I made a delicious apple crumb pie! I took a picture of it cooking in the oven and posted it just for you. I can’t verify the delicious part yet, but it sure looks good. Smells good too. Besides, even if I made apple slices, what am I going to do, hold them until I see you again?? It could be weeks! They would NEVER make it!! Love you too!

      • Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

        If you ever made apple slices I would drive over asap! LOL

  2. Lorraine said,

    Wow! That pie looks awesome! I am in for apple slices too! When you make them I will race over AND beat Amanda to your house to gobble them down!

    • masnstevy said,

      You two girls are CRAZY!! Thanks for reading AND commenting! You are my biggest fans!! Hahaha

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