Love and other drugs…

June 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm (Bowling, Day to Day, Exercise, Summer Break, Things The Kids Like) (, , , , )

This is what my kids love. (Well, this and X-Box Live. I think the Microsoft Corporation is seriously brainwashing our kids {and a whole lot of grown-ass men} thru the consoles. At least all the ones that aren’t being brainwashed by Sony Corp. I’m talking to you PS3 people!)

Summer (unofficial) practice starts today. Ya gotta bowl with the new stuff to really bowl!

We do: Kids Bowl Free!  Click it to sign up. We use the alley we have leagues in, but there is a variety of bowling centers to choose from. Kids Bowl Free is awesome, and I LOVE our regular bowling center, however, it’s farther away from home and gas ain’t cheap. BUT,  I did sign the kids up this year anyway, because it’s still free bowling!

Luckily, we have several bowling corporations in our area so I was able to sign them up for another program too, which I highly recommend:

Summer Unplugged! Free Bowling for Kids! This is for AMF Lanes exclusively.

Click it and sign up. We go EVERY day. No joke. And if you like to bowl, pay the extra and sign yourself up too. It really is a good deal. (Even better if you have your own shoes!) We do two separate programs, but I would recommend the AMF program to start. A few bucks extra, but more summer days, and lots of available bowling time. Also, cheap rates for games if you need to bowl a few more because you are, let’s say, breaking in a new ball, and you need to work on that curve.

Bowling gets you up and out of the house. And it’s pretty good exercise. Do it, even if it’s just so the house feels cooler when you get back! Plus, once you’re out, you may find a whole summer of fun waiting for you on the other side of the couch! Click one, join one, then turn off the computer and GO PLAY!

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