Next up, GRADUATION!!!!

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What?!?! Already??!! HA!

Despite all my attempts to thwart my meticulous study habits by posting here way too much when I should have been pouring over nursing textbooks, I have somehow managed to pass every single test set before me. And on Saturday of this week they are going to let me walk across that big stage, with all my school friends, and family in the audience, and graduate and move onto the NEXT BIG THING!!

TWO YEARS! (and two years before that just to get to these two past years) I could cry. And I do. Every single time I think too much about how I got here. Where I was and where I am and where I am going.

Life is extremely unpredictable and I would advise anyone who feels like it won’t ever change, to wait. Wait one more day and I guarantee, it ALWAYS changes! We steer our own ships. We do. Talk to me and I will tell you. I am proof that any plan can be changed. I’ve had 5 year plans, 3 year plans, 1 year plans, 1 week plans, ONE DAY plans and they all have one thing in common: They have all been completely and totally “F’d” up, thrown out, re-planned and revised into unrecognizable versions of their original ideas, many times over. And here I am anyway at the end of the latest 1000 day plan. And guess what? Tomorrow I will have ANOTHER plan. It just goes on and on…

You have to excuse me, I am feeling even MORE mushy and sentimental because the hardest thing I have ever done is finally over. I reached for the dream and I didn’t fail. And I am never afraid of failing, because I always try 100%, and I never give up, but, I am always terrified of failing, because I always try 100% and I never give up! One of my school friends posted on her page today:

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

I say get up every single time you fall. It’s true that you can’t fail at anything if you never try anything, but you can’t win anything either.

So that’s it for tonight. I will go back to silly stuff later, but I have to say thanks now that it’s over.

Thank you to my family. My kids rock. They have been counting down all these days with me. We made it. All those days that stretched before us. All those days behind us now. And soon, we get to start a new count! Life is just that. Living. Every day. Keep moving and at least you are DOING something!

Thank you to my other family…mom and sissy’s and brother…listening to me talk for 2 years about lots of stuff that no one else cares about….thank you. I’ve said it before. Lots of times. And I promise, I will stop now.

Friends, school folk, family of my family…same as above! Even if you thought I was full of it, you let me talk and for that I thank you.

Fans, strangers, readers, people who accidentally stumble on this looking for something else more interesting…thank you for following the journey. This whole little blog thing started out kind of pointless and random. It has morphed from my general thoughts on different unassociated topics, to more of a place that I can record the things in my life that I can go on and on about and no one can stop me! Unless you click it off! Hopefully you find it as fun and interesting as I do when I write it! And if you don’t…thanks anyway for reading it and probably hoping it will get better! It’s like a car accident right?? Can’t. Look. Away.

And finally…most importantly….and my last bit of mush in high gear…thank you to my BF. That’s boyfriend. You are the most patient man in the history of the world. You have no reason to put up with half the crap I do (or don’t do…haha) and still you stay. I’m glad you stuck it out and like I have been saying all along…it is almost over!  The future is here!  Well mostly here…you know I still got that one, last, little test to take, that the state requires, eye roll,  before I go working on real people! But hey…easy peasy lemon squeezy….we are as good as there! Anyway, to sum up: I love you. Thank you.

Ok. This is way longer than I wanted it to be (as usual). Tomorrow I get fingerprinted! I will be forever on the grid now. More importantly, I have to go and watch my son get inducted into the National Junior High Honor Society! We are a family of smarty smarty pants! The future IS here!

Dream big and do something awesome! For yourself and anyone else in your world! From the bottom of my heart….to all of you and yours….thank you. Have a great and wonderful night.


  1. Jason said,

    What you accomplished is inspiring enough, but what you posted is even better. Enjoy.

    • masnstevy said,

      Hey! Thank you! I really appreciate that! Thanks for sending me an e-mail!

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