Catching Pieces of Christmas Spirit…

December 24, 2009 at 9:35 am (Christmas Spirit, Day to Day, News, Pictures) (, , , , , , , , , )

This was from last Saturday morning. It was snowing, really snowing for the first time this season. And sticking. I guess north of where I live has had it already and probably doesn’t feel all cheery inside when it happens on a Tuesday. I get that. Now that school is over I am fine with whatever day it wants to snow…but this was Saturday. The kids were home and we had no where to go. They played outside and I baked cookies. Yes haters…they were oatmeal raisin and from a fund raiser (dough balls that you place on the pan—it counts if you have to put them in the oven—I still have to make sure they don’t burn up). My little mouse was running back and forth with his belly full of poison (we have a mouse—been here since Thursday—eating poison and looking cute—haven’t seen him today though—it’s probably the end for him) and I think I even had some Christmas music on the ipod. It was nice. Here’s a few pics:

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