Patrick Swayze. Rest in Peace.

September 16, 2009 at 6:26 pm (Celebrity, RIP) (, , , )

I can’t let the day go without a small note about Patrick Swayze. This makes me so sad, even though I never knew him. I liked his movies, thought he was great. Super nice man, so the world says. And married to his wife for 30 plus years.

It’s really unfair that he gets one of the worst diseases known to man and then fights it for almost two years, but in the end it still gets you. I know pancreatic cancer is one of the baddies because I watched my dad die from it for a year and a half and it was not fun. It’s extra sad when Patrick started looking like my dad. It’s like the famous version of someone I already lost.

This is the best link to a nice story and memories of Patrick that I found. And it adds a little happy to a really sad thing. Keep dancing forever…RIP.

He’s Like the Wind…

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