The Curuse Maildeliver (The Curious Mailman)

May 13, 2009 at 2:26 pm (Mason's Stories) (, , , , )

img084 - Copy - Copyimg084 - Copy - Copy (2)


Once upon a time in a far far kingdom, there was a mailman who was very, very curious. He worked for the King. But one day the mailman was too curious.

One day the King asked the mailman (Wolfgang) to take a package to their enemy. The next day Wolfgang started out. When he was walking he was wondering what was in that package. A little while later he stopped for lunch. While he was eating he said, “I will just take a peak.” But what he didn’t know was that there was a bomb inside of it. He opened it and…BOOM!

The End

Not bad for a five minute story.

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