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That’s what the movie Bedtime Stories is.

We just watched it the other night after it sat on our shelf  for a week slowing my Netflix process down. The kids have seen it already. So we get the heads up on all the really funny parts. And it was funny. It’s a buyer…

Adam Sandler–if you like him–never lets you down. Even when the premise seems like it just won’t work, somehow it does. His last few movies have been really good. Funny, charming, a drama part, a sad part, and a big happy ending. My favorite. I’m all about the fantasy-reality-comedy-with children movies. He does it the best. See:

Big Daddy

50 First Dates


PLUS, my new fav crush for the moment, besides the others I have mentioned (Charlie, Denis, Leo…) is in the movie too. Russell Brand! Hopefully this will get him in all the rest of the Adam Sandler movies—another cool thing–aka, Rob Schneider….

Anyway, I read Russell’s book. Also good. Nice finish. He actually talked about the movie, but it was untitled yet and uncertain if it was going to be a hit or not.  So I put the picture of the side of the book–above, and I’m going to copy a pic off the internet of the front. So you can see him and get a glimpse of some sexy this morning.

I can’t remember what’s coming next on Netflix and I’m trying not to look. We still have Before The Devil Knows Your Dead…a lighthearted, romantic, comedy I heard…just kidding.

Read the book. (My Booky Wook) Check out the link…

See the movie. (Bedtime Stories)

My Booky Wook - A memoir of sex, drugs and stand-up

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