Tuesday EFS Off The Wagon…or something like that

March 31, 2009 at 5:15 pm (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , , , )

This is Day 7 of the second week, but not really. Since we fell off the wagon for the weeekend, not completely, but we WERE hanging over the side dragging the ground pretty good; we decided to extend week 2 thru Friday. Thereby starting Week 3 on Saturday and bringing us in line with the BFL system we had begun previous to this Extreme Fat Smash idea. Now that that’s all straight…

The point for today is to say, I exercised and followed the diet up until 1 pm or so when I decided to partake of some fabulous beer cheese dip left over from the party on Sunday. OK. It wasn’t really left over. It never got put out. Silly Me.

My brother-in-law makes THE best Beer-Cheese Dip in the WHOLE world. I don’t know exactly what it is and I don’t know what’s in it. But I do know that you eat it with pretzels and it is awesome! Some people will tell you that it’s good with other crunchy things like Triscuits, Pita Chips, or Melba type cracker things. But they would be WRONG. Pretzels are the only way to go.  Now, he had some at his Crawfish Boil the day before, and I begged him to bring some to my party the next day. He doesn’t make it all the time so it’s like a big thing for me when he does. In the spirit of brotherly love, he packed some up, WITH pretzels, and drove an hour to our house to have it for the b-day party. It was even still cold! Then I slyly put it in the fridge and there it sat until everyone left. But he saw thru my deception. He noticed and commented on how tricky that was and how he kind of wanted some…OMG! I totally forgot! I meant to put it out but there was so much confusion when everyone got here and I had all this other stuff…and then when I remembered it was too late…blah blah blah….Yeah Right! He wasn’t buying it. But he was kind and let me keep it anyway. I did give back the pretzels though.

So, long story short, I ate some of that most delicious Beer-Cheese Dip this afternoon after my workout. My own private stock! I did the work at the gym to allow for the discrepency. And I didn’t eat alot. Just enough. Got to have some for tomorrow! Or later with Beer. Actually no, My bro-in-law also made a Louisiana Punch concoction to go with the New Orleans theme they had rolling for the Crawfish Boil so he brought that over too. Add just a bit more vodka and you got yourself a party in a glass! I throw on the beads we all got, close my eyes, and its like I’m in the Big Easy. Well, not really, but it’s the perfect segway into my Music List for the Day!

In honor of my most beloved Brother-In-Law and his Beer-Cheese Dip and my happiness over having it, I have dedicated the list to him today.

It’s all about New Orleans, Beer, Cheese and Whiskey. Please take a Drink from the “Big Easy: Beer Cheese Whiskey List.  Right below here!

(FYI–it’s a little country music heavy–we aren’t haters but we like more variety—strangely enough alot of country music has to do with drinking and the South! How ’bout that??)

Thanks J. You Rock!

Scroll Down…NOW!

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