Extreme Fat Has Been Smashed! But let’s wait on that cake for now….

March 26, 2009 at 2:12 am (EFS) (, , , , )

Wednesday, and the scale is LOVING us! The boyfriend hopped on bright and early to see if the week long struggle NOT to eat donuts and drink bacon grease was worth it and,  oh man,  11 pounds!!   Holy Hell!! Too bad no one else was up to share the good news with. He has a 4:30 a.m. call to the gym and then straight to work. I stayed up way too late typing about our adventures and missed the moment. When I finally rolled out of bed at 7 a.m. and weighed myself, the news was not bad.  4 pounds! So I called the BF at work and we rejoiced together over a big plate of imagination pancakes! The laughing only lasted for a few minutes. That’s when he told me the harrowing tale of   “Muffins! In The Break Room!”

What evil genius has set out to destroy my man and his willpower to resist sugary snacks? It’s Joe Smith and it’s his birthday. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent).  The muffins are some kind of  celebratory bonding initiative used to tempt the other employees into a work chow-down group with self-esteem destroying crumbs of doom. The BF wasn’t going for it.  This is where you can tell you’ve slid over to the dark side of good health, eating right and exercising. You can stand NEAR the muffins and look at them critically while explaining all about the deceptive calorie and fat content with another person who is nodding and cramming said muffin into his mouth as you talk. Perhaps like my BF, the other person will even ask questions and appear to be shocked by the fact that muffins are not your friends, yet continue to shove in every last bit and then take another one to his desk. Even say, “Man, I just ate that thing in like 2 minutes! Oh well.”  Oh. You know. And yet, secretly, in your heart you want to eat them all. Evil. Stop staring at those muffins and move.  It’s like they have magnetic power.  You don’t want to be the freak in service that has a pastry fetish. Go call your girlfriend.

And here we are. Still talking about muffins. See what you do? Instead of eating anything good, you just talk about the good old days when you did! I told him I am dedicating my playlist for the day to him. Him and sugar. Everything sweet that he can’t eat. Then he hung up on me.

Have some,   “Sugar For My Honey,  Eat It Up!

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