The Kids Wanted To Touch The Mississippi River

January 3, 2015 at 12:41 pm (Day to Day, Family, Holiday, Nature, Vacation, Winter) (, , , )


So I let them. I let them climb down a rocky, steep embankment, to lean over and touch the freezing cold, fast moving, dangerously currented big river. I was nervous they would slip and fall in and be lost forever. They swim good, but this is a big, fast, scary river even when it looks slow from the side. I know because I also climbed down there like a dum dum to touch that cold ass water, and I don’t swim as good as them so I probably really would have drowned if I fell in. Tourists. But I was fine. And they were fine. And there’s the picture.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011 at 3:14 pm (Christmas Spirit, Day Quote, Holiday, Thank You) (, , )

It always starts and ends with them! Grateful for the two best things I ever did! And as you can see by the joyful looks on their faces this is likely to be the ONLY picture I can get with both of them in a somewhat holiday-type scene!

I know it’s a little late in the day but we are just getting ready to go and have dinner with the family. And this time I get to have my kids too! They usually hang with their dad, but we are shaking it up this year! Crazy right?? I think we are even going out later to brave the Black Friday shopping frenzy with all the maniacs trying to get an 80 inch TV for 5 dollars. I will not be trampled for low priced electronic merchandise! However, these kids of mine want tablets and the stores are going nuts with the cheap prices and my children have burning hot pockets full of birthday cash they can’t wait to spend. Long night ahead.

Love to all my family, friends and fans wherever you are in your world! Thanksgiving is a day that kicks off a holiday season that feels like hope and new beginnings! Anything is possible!

Everyone, be safe. Be merry. And if you are going out too, BE CAREFUL!! Maybe I’ll see you as we are all running for the doors at midnight! Later!

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Blackout Wednesday

November 23, 2011 at 8:26 pm (Day to Day, Holiday) (, , , )

I like that term, “Blackout Wednesday” for tonight’s giant drinking drunken festival way better than “Donor Night.” But I still wouldn’t recommend going out into the world anytime after, well, now. It’s already 6:30 pm here in the Midwest and that means everyone who got off work early today is well on their way to living up to the night’s expectation.

Biggest drinking night of the year. I did a quick internet search to see what’s up with the need to party like there’s no tomorrow right before Thanksgiving. I got: Convenience, because people are already out and they usually get off early and will be off for a few days and it’s just so easy to go have a few with your friends. Economy, because bars have special cheap pricing on drinks that will get you drunk the fastest.  Sorrow, because most people will be stuck with their whole families for the entire weekend and drinking usually dulls the pain. Or sorrow, because you have no family and drinking usually dulls the pain of the dread loneliness. Underage, because people are stupid and lots of college kids come home for the weekend but not before they take a drinking break with all their college friends first. Underage, because teenagers are even stupider and think their parents won’t notice some of that stocked-up-for-Thanksgiving alcohol is missing. The consensus is that college kids are the biggest partiers and also the most likely to be driving around afterwards. They still have to get home after all. It’s dangerous and crazy and I fear for anyone out on the roads tonight.

So I wasn’t really sure what kind of picture to include for this momentous holiday. But then I remembered we had this cool, modified, car/dune-buggy/off-road whatever vehicle that we passed on the street the other day. It just looks like it will roll right over anything you might be in.

Just an fyi: The tanks will be out and the drivers who think they are perfectly ok will be driving them. You will die and they will not be injured at all because they are too drunk to realize that they just killed you.

Be safe and stay alert! YOU will be your best chance of survivng the night if you can see it coming and avoid it! Or better yet, just stay in! We can all gather here tomorrow and wish each other a truly happy Thanksgiving. Until then, have a great night. Safety and sharp eyesight for all! Later.

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