The First Squash! Times 2!

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Look at that! Two yellow squashes. All of a sudden, BOOM. squash everywhere. We looked it up and we are supposed to start picking them small. But we might let at least one try to monster grow. The internet says they will be too tough and inedible if they are too big, but nature must be allowed to have its way. If the animals don’t start chewing on them first, that is. We had 2 more good size “pickers” out there but some little creatures were nibbling all over them and left bite marks and chunks removed from either end. We picked and tossed those. Here is my most recent plant picture. Lots of flowers, lots of small, yellow tubes laying in between the leaves.


OK. That’s it for now. I have to go to work now. I will get the weekend list here with pics. I just downloaded all of them mere minutes ago. So exciting. And I had my day off yesterday which is where I got those fab veg pics from, and high school registration. Times 2! See how I did that? Not that I am comparing my children to squash, but…sometimes…when they are laying v e r y still….only teenagers, and the very old, can achieve the vegetable type of non-movement that makes you actually have to get up close to them to check for breathing and a pulse. Anyone who has been around either group will back me up here. Last picture of this post will be the stack of books we left the school with yesterday, and that my kids will have to haul back with them, in about a week and a half. Very heavy. And very hardcore. This is freshman and sophomore curriculum. I seriously do not remember having such advanced text books. Is this a reflection of the new education standards for a good life vs. the old education minimums to just stay alive? Or as pre-req to Harvard or Yale, (for extreme) example, or NU/SIU, in Illinois, as opposed to the pre-req for Hamburger University?  Or was I just “special”?? Either way, I am still alive. And I have a job. Have a great day all.


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Flower Update. In front of the house.

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It’s finally starting to look the way I like it. Kind of wild and a little weedy. I’m sure that’s some kind of glimpse into my soul or my inner psyche.

With the rain/sunshine/heat/ combo’s we have going here all week, the sprouts are blooming. Here’s from tonight, before the rain came again.


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All the posts I promised…and more! PLUS, a Caterpillar Update! Read on…

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The caterpillars are already chrysalising or cocooning. They crawled to the top of their nursery and hung from the rafters.

Seriously. They are in a milk jug. My daughter and neighbor put an elaborate stick system thru the container with netting and mesh and 5-star caterpillar accommodations. They bypassed that, crawled right to the inside curve of the jug and hung. I’m not sure how they are attached or how they are staying on.

It’s just like the internet said they would do. Hang and curl and then secrete some kind of slime stuff that hardens and keeps them safe. So, I give it another day for the cocoon process and then the internet said 10-15 on the metamorphosis. I’m shocked actually. I thought for sure we’d kill them. But they ain’t butterflies yet…

That’s all ready to go too. As soon as they crystalize, we will transfer the whole jug–top off–to a giant container covered in mesh. Butterflies need space and air to come out, sticky and wet, then dry off and fly away. The internet said we could keep them a few hours and let them go.

Amazing. If I can get pictures without disturbing the clan, I will. Nothing for now though. Keep checking back!

Next Up: The “flowers” I planted. Seeds in a can that I sprinkled in the dirt and watered. This is them right after:


Wet Dirt With Seeds

Wet Dirt With Seeds

And then, a few days (?) later, maybe a week (?) we had sprouts! I watered and prevented animal attacks and this is what we got:

Wet Dirt With SPROUTS!

Wet Dirt With SPROUTS!

This is exciting stuff huh? Do you feel like you are getting the most entertainment value for your buck? Well, hold on to your dollars…here is the pictures from TODAY! The sprouts are….BIGGER! It’s so cool to grow stuff, and create life…we’re like a mini nature center over here. Ok, look at these, I’m trying to get shots from the same angle, so you can really FEEL like you’re part of the experience:

Bigger Sprouts! It's getting FUN now!

Bigger Sprouts! It's getting FUN now!

I think that’s all the nature stuff I had to catch up on. Stay tuned for more plant pics, soon to be flower pics.

Oh wait, the kids just caught a giant toad. I had the camera. YOU get all the benefits! Feast your hungry eyes on these:

P6020055 - Copy

Action Toad!

Action Toad!

Isn't this cute!

Isn't this cute!

Frogs and kids...

Frogs and kids...

That’s it, really, for now. The kids are in the house and the TV is on. Commence with the couch sitting until dinner and bedtime. No one needs pictures of that! More fun stuff later…see ya.

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