Before The Fireworks

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Sitting in the middle of Illinois waiting for night. Ate too much smoked meat, drank too much whiskey and beer, and sucked down too many very strong, very strong, jello shots. And that’s not really even true. I paced myself for the long evening, but still felt sick over night. I even managed to drink 2 bottles of water during this Fourth Fest mess. The food combo and combo alcohol is probably what turned my stomach. I should have eaten less grease and stuck to one beverage. No actual vomiting occurred, in case you should be thinking that I am some lightweight who can’t hold her liquor. I can drink the alcohol. I just shouldn’t. Anyway, we saw “home” fireworks until about midnight. This town we were in basically has the residents blowing off commercial grade fireworks for a lot of hours. We also saw a lot of those paper lantern things. No really good pictures because the displays were too unpredictable and I only had my phone. I was a mere spectator for this show. But I will put up my one blurry, bursting picture (if you squint and stand back, way back, from the screen you can kinda see the firework thing) and move on to the usual daily routine. Which includes work for me. The BF is off and the kids are still in Kentucky, and none of those little bitches at my job would work for me today. Wah wah wah. No one ever wants to give up their Friday. I’m hoping for a quick night and no admits. I really, really, really, need to win the lottery. Oh well. Until then.



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Brought to you by the Tinley Park “Benches” Summer Art Project. I don’t really know if that’s what it’s called, but it’s pretty cool. I drag my kids out every year to walk the few miles around the downtown streets of Tinley and take pictures of the benches. This year’s theme seems to be “America”. It’s the perfect way to kick off this little (hopefully) daily new feature. I had started posting them a year ago and never finished. So now I have this year and last year to catch up with.

I will be watching my son march in the parade today. For our town. He’s in the band. And I think there’s fireworks. So it should be a fun night.

Have a safe and happy Fourth wherever you are!

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Happy Fourth of July!! From Paris!!

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Haha… I kid! I’m not in Paris. I’m in Chicago, where it is actually raining right now. I’m not sure if they still do fireworks in the rain??

The pictures are pretty funny though huh? They are actually from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Panama City, FL. It’s the Eiffel Tower made of matchsticks with a fireworks display as the background. I thought it would add that extra holiday flare to my usually outstanding posts! Don’t you agree?

Anyway, I’m off to my mom’s now to hang out in the rain with my family and wait for the small-town Tractor Parade and try not to die from the head/chest cold I picked up from the Taste of Chicago on Wednesday. Where, incidentally, it rained all day there too! I know I’m such a baby. Do you think that cold medicine and vodka would cure this thing?

See, if I had just gone to Vegas like I planned on Tuesday, I’d be getting home just about now, tanned, happy and NOT sick!

Happy Independence Day ya’ll!

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