It’s Your Birthday! It’s Your Birthday! (One Week Later)

November 29, 2012 at 2:17 pm (Birthday Wishes, Day to Day, For Stevie, Stevie's Nails) (, , , )

For a girl who cannot take enough pictures of herself, she would not let me get even one picture of her for her birthday. This is the best I could capture, taken under extreme protest. And she looked so cute in her new birthday pj”s from her grandma. Teenagers. Just when you think you know a girl, the 14 year old life truck hits them hard and you can’t push them out of the way fast enough. Sigh. Anyhoo. This is my girl. She turned 14 a week ago on the 21st. The day before Thanksgiving. And a Wednesday. So there wasn’t a lot we could do by way of party or celebration. She had a few dinners and saw a few people, spaced out over the week, so I think it actually worked out better. Her birthday lasted way longer than most. And here is one more day, and a post just for her, to acknowledge the joyous occasion of her birth! She is fully entrenched in teenageville now. And what you can’t see behind the pillow is her new best friend, I-Phone. I hope that little device doesn’t put out any serious UV radiation rays, because if it does we are looking at a generation of young adults that are going to have major face skin cancer in a few years. And probably some crippling finger arthritis too. They hold it so close to their faces. Pushing those tiny keypads with their poor little crampy fingers and thumbs. Tip of the day: Wear sunscreen while operating your mobile device. Slather it on good and thick, especially over the face and neck area. Just in case. And maybe give those hands a break every few hours. Extend those digits outward. All that cracking you hear when you first do it is not always a good thing! Flex and extend. Flex and extend. Jazz hands. Whatever it takes. Alright I need to wrap this up. Shower and work. Must make more money to support the daughters other obsession: fake nails. Oh yes. We buy too many packages of this addiction in a box. I think that I will start posting all the nail work that Stevie has dedicated the rest of her waking time to creating. It will be very easy to make this the new winter feature on this site because she takes a picture every time she sticks any new nails onto her hands, which is practically every day. I am not exaggerating. Stevie’s Nails. Watch for it. In conclusion:

Happy happy birthday! I love you my beautiful, little girl! Hope the day and week and weekend were the best you have ever had! At least until next year! XO Mom.

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