January 27, 2012 at 7:33 pm (Day to Day, Video Games) (, )

With Friends! It’s the new BeJeweled. It’s the new Pocket Poker. I am not nearly as good at it as some of the people I play with, but I try. The only person I can beat all of the time is my daughter. And some of the time, my mom. Everybody else pretty much kicks my @$$. But this was my best word ever. JIVE for 111. (One hundred eleven). That’s pretty good huh? If you play, drop me a line or throw out a comment,  and we can compare notes. I think I scored this word off my mom. My best game ever is below. 412. (Four hundred twelve). I know that’s probably low compared to some, but I was pretty happy. Sorry I have to rat out my friend Carole on this one. But in her defense, she was new to the game and since then she has gotten way better. She wins more often than not now. One of the friends I play with, but never win against, got over 500 in a game with me. That says just as much about me as it does her. A girl can dream though so I keep playing. Friday night! It’s getting crazy over here. I wonder if I can drink wine, or anything, with these new pills? I wonder if I should? I think I know the answer to that darn question. Words it will have to be then. Oh yeah. Turn it up! Words out.

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