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This is for Stevie’s teacher. She does not read the site I imagine, or even know about it but I had to put the pic up after Stevie told me this story when she asked me what I was making for dinner and I said a chicken rice casserole. Big laughs! Apparently it’s funny because yesterday in class one of the words that came up in the reading was “casserole”. So the teacher defined it and laughingly said, “Who even eats casserole anymore?”

Well. We do. I love when the universe turns up the relevance to your personal life and really incorporates what you learn in school to the real world. How handy was that English lesson? Exactly.

Stay in school kids because you never know what random piece of information is going to make the next big difference in your day to day living. Life is an adventure and you cannot get through it without a little education! More is better in this arena!

As for that casserole. It was your basic chicken, rice, canned soup, cheese sprinkles on the top variety that can be made in 5 minutes and left to cook. I know it is not that “healthy eating” thing I was talking about, but it wasn’t that bad. Maybe too high in sodium and a little fat. But no milk and not a ton of cheese. Plain rice. Plain chicken. It actually turned out pretty good and the chicken stayed moist. (I hate that word but the chicken didn’t get all dried out so what are my other options??) Besides, I had to use what little ingredients I had on hand. As usual, I am behind in the shopping thing. We are back down to the minimums. I like having a house and fridge full of food, it makes me feel safe and comfortable and rich, but I also get a strange feeling of satisfaction knowing that we have only what we need and that I can use those things to make a meal or two. It’s like we have “just the basics”. Also, I have no money. So I like to stretch out the shop intervals. Got three rolls of TP and a plan to go to the store tomorrow. I think we can make it.


  1. Lorraine said,

    Okay. In a hurry. Did not get past “Who even eats casserole anymore?”. How old is this teacher? She must not cook or get cramps! Can you say “comfort food”? Geesh!

    • masnstevy said,

      Young! But she did tell Stevie today, in secret, that, “The thing is, casserole may not be very good for you, but they’re sooooo delicious!” She’s a marathoner and very cool!

  2. stevie said,

    HA! we didn’t even get to the store either………. so what is for dinner tonight?

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