So I guess it’s winter again

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This weather is very confusing. It was tornadic, (It’s a word. I’m sure I saw it somewhere else in a descriptive forecast on a reputable organizations site) yesterday. Literally. We did have one touch here in Illinois. And then another in Indiana nearby. The stories from southwest of here just keep getting worse. Luckily, the area I live in gets kind of side swiped by bad weather. We are rarely the target of a direct hit, but we do get the residual stuff like high winds and debris. If you have been reading this blog for any time, you know that I am constantly having trees fall on my house. It’s really annoying. And since it’s almost the end of May, it’s overdue. NOT that I am jinxing my spring luck so far. Please please please every tree stay where you are. I won’t complain about anything because I do get do sit here in my house and post stupid things for everyone to read. And believe me I have some really stupid stuff I am about to launch into. But, for the moment, our weather. Re-capped exclusively for you! The 24 hour + loop!

8 am. Tornadic. (Like that? Used it twice!) Dark, straight rain, kind of heavy. 12 pm. Sunny and warming up. 1 pm. Rainy again but still warming up. 3pm. Sunny and really warm. Humid. Like summer. 5pm. Aww, getting colder, windier. 8 pm Lightning, thunder. Temp dropped. Rain  starting to fall, but light and steady. All night long.  8 am. Rain. And brisk temp. 11am Still raining, but windy, blustery they say, like winter, about  46 degrees or so. 2 pm. Same rain/wind mix that can’t decide what it wants to do. Stop, or knock one of my limbs down. (I should prob go look outside really quick, it always happens when I don’t check every other minute). 2:30 pm. I would not be surprised if I saw ice pieces or snow flakes.

And that’s my hour by hour, updated, description. Real groundbreaking, gripping journalism there huh?  Maybe I should delete that whole last paragraph? This may be why these posts get really long. What I meant to say was, “We do run the rail here concerning our weather. Goes up and down. And it’s annoying” (I’m just going to continue writing now).

Of course it doesn’t compare to having my house flattened by a tornado proper and having my children swept away. That really sucks. One day I hope to be part of a team that travels to natural disasters to help as needed. That’s a future goal. At the moment I have nothing useful to offer, except this ridiculous website. I still need my license, for one thing. And a bit more experience than “NONE”. Anyway, get involved if you can, however you can. The name of the state  has a link to info that you can use: Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma.

Kids are on the way home so I am going to take a break and let that post sit for a bit. Then, I promise, all the stupid you can handle!

Oh wait, I almost forgot the reason I started talking about the weather to begin with: Tom Skilling! He’s our Chicago weather guy for WGN, TV 9, like, all day. He’s kind of popular and funny, but weird and strange at the same time. They give him like 20 minutes of the news to talk about all kinds of weather and related things. He really loves his job. You can tell. Anyway, I was reading his weather forecast for today and I thought it was worded in such a way that it would be a pity not to share it with more people. (Well that’s kind of dumb I guess, seeing as how it was on the actual WGN site and prob got read by thousands, but hey, an extra 3 or 4 people can’t hurt). I copied and pasted it, directly from WGN TV’s, Chicago Weather Center:

Tom Skilling’s 7-day forecast:

“March-level chill with potentially record- breaking cool daytime temperatures close to 30 degrees below normal! Wind-driven light rain from a thick overcast. Blustery, chilly and raw. Rain becomes more sporadic in time, diminishing to passing sprinkles or drizzle this afternoon and evening. Powerful NE winds 16 to 28 mph, 35-40 mph gusts. Daytime highs likely to hold below the record low max temp for May 26 of 48-degrees set in 1961. Cloudy and sprinkly through evening.”

That’s word-for-word with all his punctuation and terms. The part I think is funny is how many different ways he comes up with to say the same thing. I LOVE it! Chill, cool, wind-driven, thick, overcast, blustery, raw, sprinkles, drizzles, cloudy, powerful. My favorite though is right at the end and the sole reason for all of my, long, drawn-out, round-about words and paragraphs above:

“Sprinkly”. “Cloudy and sprinkly”.

Come on now. Say it out loud:


THAT is entertainment! (And that is really taking the long way to one lame-ass, let-down of a destination) You are welcome.

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