Sad note on the white fish in that tank below…

January 28, 2010 at 5:07 pm (News, Oscars, RIP) (, , , , , )

When we woke up for school a few weeks ago, he was gone.  At first we thought maybe the other Oscar (a Tiger) ate him. He got to be twice the size of the Albino Oscar, and he was three times as aggressive, so it’s possible. Or maybe the Kissing Gourami (also kind of mean) picked him to death and the Pleco finished him off. Seemed implausible to be eaten just overnight, but you never know. Then I thought to look to the side, there is a small opening in the back, and when the fish fight they splash around and break the surface pretty violently. Well, obviously the fish decided he had it with marine life and threw himself up and out and to the side in between the wall and the dresser. He was kind of dirty and stuck against one of those quarter-of-every-state folder things. We tried to revive him, but no. He was gone. All the dust on him served no protective advantage at all (see next post on cleanliness). We freed him to the universal ocean in the big, green garbage can. We feared the flush as he was somewhat larger than a regular fish. Incidentally, the Gourami died shortly thereafter. Poor, unfortunate souls….

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