Spoons in the Street–Third Installment–if you happen to be keeping track

January 21, 2010 at 11:42 am (Odd Items Walking to School, Pictures, Spoons in the Street) (, , )

So that means it’s official. Spoons in the Street is an actual category that I will be officially adding, along with my usual time wasting episodes of such exciting fare as: Street Money! and NYCoffee Cup Sightings! and Weird Sh*t in the House! and so on….

Obviously I have nothing better to do. But, as I was walking my daughter to school for the first time in a few weeks…there it was. Another spoon!

This time a baby spoon. The kind you would use to feed a small child, with the colorful bowl part that turns a different color if the food is too hot.

On the street, in the curb, kinda dirty.

But, that makes three now. And they are all different. I have included them below for reference and we can start here for 2010.

I am not sure how spoons get into the street. Garbage maybe? Fall out of a bag as the child is being transported? I can’t even guess and maybe it had quite a journey to get where it is right now. If you have any ideas, leave a comment, I’d be interested in hearing other theories and possibly strange utensils laying in the street where you live.

We seem to have shown particular favor to the spoon-drop market out here in the Chicago-land-specific area of the southern border of Cook and Will County. Where are the forks?? The knives?? The bagel spreaders?? Let me know.

It’s Weigh Day! So I gotta go workout! And study! I haven’t forgotten the studying! (Jeff…(that’s the BF–shout out! Love you!!) Don’t call me though! I’m wrapping this up!)

Pictures below!

Older ones first in case you forgot! I'll attach the original posts below 'cause I know you're dying to read all the hilarious things I have to say, or said, ha!

Original post for the Plastic Spoon here!

The silver spoon! Looking shiny! It was nicer weather then...

Original post for the Silver Spoon here!

Here’s the new spoon!! I took two pictures and I just can’t decide which one I like better. So I guess I’ll just use some of the very magical computer application techniques and put both of them here. Feel free to stare at the one you like best!! Have a great day!

But you can’t see it nice and clear with those little pics. I’ll just choose. I like BIG pictures. My eyes see better when the picture is HUGE. So here ya go…

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