EFS Day 2 Week 2 (Sounds like a Star Wars Character–if you say it fast) YukYuk (that’s for you Beth)

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It’s Thursday. Day 2 of Week 2. Getting better. Yesterday we weighed–got the good news, 11 and 4 pounds, boyfriend and myself respectively, and then just followed the plan.  You really feel like you just want to go out for celebratory cheeseburgers or at least  breakfast burritos (so yummy at McD’s–slathered in that Hot Picante Sauce–man I love that sauce, I could just squeeze it right into my mouth from the pack), but you don’t. They put the gym RIGHT next to the McDonald’s. You could park your car by the gym, and just walk your spandex butt right over to the McD door.  I’m just saying.  It’s exercise if you walk ACROSS the parking lot.

Anyway. Yesterday was fine. Followed the diet. Mom bought me a Starbucks coffee as thank you for taking here to doc. I love the SBux. I know it’s wrong on all kinds of social, economic, global, fancy-pants-coffee-type levels, but God Help me I love it. Try to resist but can’t. When I worked in the city I would go EVERYDAY. Sometimes twice. I had to have it going home on the train. If I didn’t have time to stop myself  for fear of missing the train, I would call my friend and have her pick it up for me on her way to the train.  Luckily you can’t throw a stick in Chicago without hitting a Starbucks. They even have a little stand set up in the bathroom at the new Millenium Station. Kidding. But they should, that would save some people alot of time!

Yes. I was quite chunk-a-riffic from my habit. It’s like drugs, but in reverse. It made me happy and hyper. I ate less but I got fatter. WTF?? Oh, is it because of the whole milk? The chocolate/mocha syrup? Or all the whip cream? And my stomach started hurting. Alot and all the time. So I had to stop. It was hard. The employees at my three regular SBux shops were like family. So hard to say good-bye. Example of the withdrawl pain I suffered thru: You know how sometimes you get a receipt with an invitation to take a survey? I would get them and answer the questions and the people in the stores I was judging would know it was me saying nice things about them based on the results they got from the survey takers! Hardcore. You can’t BUY that kind of love, can you? But I have to say those employees sure knew their customers. Makes you feel so special. And that’s part of the TRAP!

Back to yesterday. Obviously Giant Mocha Coffee with Whip is NOT on the EFS plan. It’s not on anyone’s plan actually and it really shouldn’t be. But I ordered. The small (which is Tall–whatever, not even gonna start)–the small, mocha but with skim milk and NO whip cream. And I am happy to say that, if you haven’t had one in awhile, it’s just as good. Considering you forgot how it was supposed to taste in the first place. Either way. It was good and it was free. Thanks again MOM!

Now where was I? Day 2. (ohyeah I also ate Pringles–come on–4 lbs! don’t be like that. They were reduced fat. One of the few foods that actually taste BETTER in their altered form. Try it. Believe it.)

Day 2. Today. Thursday. Following plan closely. No exercise. No car to get out anywhere to exercise. It is in repair. Won’t be fixed until tomorrow sometime.  What? My LEGS are the exercise? I can’t hear you.

No exercise. Besides I had to go to the kids school to cook hot dogs and help with the special lunch they got for many various quarter ending activities and good progress and grade reports. It was fun actually. And it was three hours of non stop action. PLUS, I had to WALK to AND from the school! (No car—remember?)

It seems strange to write something about this every day, but it helps also. In the way that, when you tell someone that you are doing something—you kind of HAVE to do it. Otherwise you  look like a failure or a person who goes-back-on-their-word person. I know there is a term but I just cannot think of it or how to fit it into this sentence. So if I say it I have to do it and if I don’t do it I should feel guilty like I am letting all you people out there down. You who depend on me to help you through when you too are struggling. All 2 of you, possibly 3 by now. All 3 who are actually following the same plan sort of as I and actually doing a little better…but it’s you. And me. We’ll help each other. We will not….hey…Back At The Barnyard is on!

Working on Music List for later. Also have to come up with a long list for the CrawFish Boil. Long hours of sucking heads. (It’s a legitimate sentence. ) Requires long hours of music for the diversified audience we will be playing for. SpongeBob is next. Stay Tuned!

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