Cool Word of the Day! Stevie Style!

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Picture Dictionary. Fifth grade representing. Basically they take the word and use it in a sentence to enhance the meaning, or draw a picture illustrating the meaning or you can do both.  Stevie does these assignments with real flair and creativity and I love them! So I want to share them. She even has her own category, so check it out! Stevie’s Picture Dictionary

Exhausted (verb)

Definition: To use up: consume;  To use up the energy of: wear out

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Stevie’s Picture Dictionary 1

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The way it works is she gets a list of words for the week. She writes the word, the definition (if she remembers) and draws a picture illustrating the meaning.

Sometimes she does each word separately, sometimes she does them all on one sheet. Sometimes she adds alot of color, sometimes, none. Each one is unique and I tried to scan and enlarge for the best viewing. The teacher’s comments and writing is over some of them but it doesn’t detract from the creativity. I think they’re great.

This first post is an all-on-one, with no color, but gives the best example. Kids are awesome!

img023 - Copyimg023 - Copy (2)img023 - Copy (3)

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