Dia De Los Muertos For The Lazy

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My own decorations. Not even photographed particularly well. And a recycled post from last year. Not even written, just linked.

Check this out: Click here to read what I can write when I really have time to burn.

I have to go to work now and keep all the spirits that walk around my place at bay. It can be very quiet and eerily still at night and we have some people that are constantly teetering on the edge of this world and the next. I don’t know what it says about those of us that keep them here longer than even they maybe want to be, but it’s our job and someone has to stand watch and guard and wait for them to decide which way they would like to go. Anyway this wasn’t meant to be long; Just a few words, a link, and a couple of fast pictures. You all take some time to remember those who have gone before. Look around and pay attention. We need to keep these souls happy and content to stay wherever they may be.

Read this too: Because I like the pictures and I like the sentiment and because I am really trying to milk some extra time off the website.

And speaking of skeleton trees…this is from last night. Prime movie lighting from the western sky:

The western sky:

God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled.  ~Author Unknown

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Tip to Wrap–Save some Bucks

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This is a new idea I thought of to add to the rolling list of nonsense that goes thru here. Kind of a “TIP” section. Things that are kind of helpful maybe to someone. I thought of it obviously while wrapping a present. Whenever I come across something I think is tippy, then I’ll post it. So, if this helps, great! If not, just move along! Thanks.

This is a quick tip for wrapping presents. I’m sure alot of people already know this, but I just figured it out.

As usual when I went to go get supplies for the b-day party we are having today for the boyfriend, I forgot some stuff. Like wrapping paper for the present. PLUS, I really hate spending money on things that just get torn off and thrown away. In the mail, I got a big pack of sales fliers. Alot. Like for 10 different places. DING!

The Jewel sales paper is perfect! It feels the same weight as wrapping paper, doesn’t bleed all over your fingers, is super colorful, and it’s FREE.

So I wrapped the present in it. I think it looks very party like, and it works for ALL occasions. You can always get fancy for things like weddings and Christmas, but I think it would work pretty good for everything else.

You can try other papers too. I noticed some are really faded looking, some are black and white, some are heavier or thinner–its really up to you and what you prefer for the present you have. For something really large, just throw it all on there! There’s an endless supply! I put a picture up of my present. Hope it saves you a few bucks!

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The Boyfriends Birthday Present—Wrapped Cheaply

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Tip for girls—don’t throw away those clothes just yet…

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If you have a flip flopping girl like I do (she likes this pair of pants today, but hates that ugly shirt and vice versa) then listen up. My daughter gets alot of clothes for presents, b-day, x-mas, easter, whatever…and some she likes, most she hates. Not because there is anything actually wrong with the clothes–but because they are just not EXACTLY “right”.

The number size is correct. It’s things like: the color is too dark or too light; the waist has the wrong belt band; the length is too long or too short; the buttons or designs are bright, sparkly, dull, beaded, not beaded, stitched…; or the worst of all, too tight, not tight enough, tight on TOP but too baggy at the knees, too baggy at the ankles, too tight at the ankles, not flarey enough…it goes on and on until I tell her not to wear them then! Whatever–JUST GET DRESSED–WE HAVE TO GO!!

Then she demands they be thrown out and never allowed back in the house again.

I however,  know that in a week, tops, someone at school is going to have those pants and guess what? She NEEDS to have those pants. So, under much resistance, I tell her we are not throwing them away. She can put them in the bottom of her drawer and try them at a later time. Just trust me here, you are going to want them eventually.

NO!! I don’t want them in my drawer!! Fine. Then put them in your closet.   FINE. But they are going in the very bottom of the junkiest spot in there. Fine. Just get dressed, please. UGGHHH!! And off she goes. It’s so much fun, and she isn’t even really THAT close to the teens yet.

Go forward a few days. The pants get brought back out quietly. Tried on. Pranced around in. Paired with various other,exiled, ugly tops, and suddenly you find yourself looking at your daughter decked out in her most horrible, horrendous, hideous clothing to go to the party AND she tells you, “I love these pants SO much! They are my FAVORITE pants! They fit so good, don’t they mom??”

Yes honey.

If that doesn’t work for you, I keep a bag in the garage for the Salvation Army. They come around with trucks every few months. If it doesn’t make it back into the house by then, someone who needs it more will get it. Obviously, this scenario might not occur for everyone, but it’s working like this for me right now, so maybe it will help even a little. Like most kids, she’s really good…until she’s bad!

Have a great day!

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