Drop Picture With Brick

February 15, 2014 at 8:59 pm (Day to Day, Nature, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Snow, Super Saturday, Weather, Winter) (, , , , , , , )


I always say, if you are going to do it, over do it. Words, pictures, icicles. We have a big one hanging off the corner of the house. This is a small part of the large object. The tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Believe me, I got pictures of that too. No worries. I’m doling it out slow, so as not to cause a mass influx of views to this site, thereby potentially shutting down the system with all the people crazily clicking and scrolling, hungry for snow and dripping ice pics in the dead of winter. In the Midwest. From a stranger. Especially since most people in this general area of the world can look outside and see it for themselves in real time and feel the cold that comes along with all this natural beauty. Blabbity blab. There I go again. Let me filter and sift through more pics and be back. Later.

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Only Took 24 Tries

February 15, 2014 at 6:06 pm (Day to Day, Nature, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Snow, Super Saturday, Winter) (, , , , , )


This is with the camera. And since winter is apparently here for a while longer, including more snowfall Sunday night/Monday morning, I thought I’d take this weekend to download all the snow pics I took and mad-post them before the 40 degree thaw I hear is supposed to come sometime next week and melt the mountains and piles that are building up on our corners and grassy areas. It’s cold now, but sunny. The girl had her first driving experience today and she wants to drive more. So here we go. Below is another water drop pic. More greatness to be had, later.


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