On Another Stinky Note…And One More Hawk Picture! Scroll down!

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Skunk. There was actually 2. It looked like a mom (?) and her baby (?) skunk. They were just eating any and all the leftover crap I throw out there because I know that the wildlife comes. Usually the raccoons crawl into our garbage can and dig out what they want and leave a mess, so I try to save them the hassle. The garbage can is one of those tall, basic, flip-top carts, that almost every city in America now uses for garbage per the town they live in, be it brown, blue, green, etc. In fact, I have a picture of a small raccoon that got stuck in the garbage can, at the bottom, because it was too small to reach and be able to crawl back out. Or too weak to push up the lid once it was in. I will try and get that up next. Prob tomorrow though. Work again. Poo. The same night this skunk was around we also had an opossum. But it ran away when I tried to take the picture. The skunks, literally, do not care. They will just stay there until you make a very loud noise, and even then, they kind of look up and wait a minute, to see if you are really serious, before they lift their tail and waddle towards the back weeds. Brave. They know they have the stink power. No one is going to go rushing up on that. Let me end this now with my last picture of the beautiful hawk that I got as close to as I could before it lifted off the ground and flew away. It was really looking at me. It definitely has that bad-ass-predator-air about it. It knows too, there was no way I was going to try and hurt it. It was sizing me up and dismissing me while I stood there taking the same picture over and over. Actual wild nature can make a gal feel pretty small in a big world. But happy to be a part of it. Every one have a great day! Later.



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  1. Rita / Mom said,

    When did you move your house to the nature center?? I live in the boondocks and don’t see as much wildlife over here in a month that you get in a week!!!

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