The Scotta Story—Sort of…

February 18, 2010 at 3:12 pm (News, Scotta) (, , , )

So the bottom line is a diagnosis of aplastic anemia. Idiopathic. A serious shortage of red blood cells due to a serious malfunction of the bone marrow. No good reason for it. 40-70% of all cases are idiopathic and common in the younger adult. Not real comforting when it’s you, but that’s just info from the med book.

Scotta, on the other hand is awesome! Never met her in real life, but love her and her style! SO the website link is in the above post–buried in the middle—gotta promote my insignificance too…and here is her last e-mail to the fam and friends. Check it all out and dare to tell me she’s not a cool chick! (This is straight copy/paste from the lady herself—if there are any spelling errors or weird grammer, that’s all on her! I even left in all the little triangle more/less things that pop up throughout the note! Haha):

Something major to report!  Not health related, really, but still big!

Since I have nothing but time on my hands these days and love planning parties and creating things, I have finally decided to try my hand at doing this to a living.  Well, not a living so much as a way to supplement my income a little but mostly just give me something to do.
> So, allow me to introduce The Paper Gal!  Check out my brand new website at to see everything that I can do.  There you can also join the newsletter list or become a fan on Facebook.  After this (and maybe a reminder or two) I promise all “work” information will come from those places and this will go back to just being about my health and what not!
> Even if you don’t think you’ll want to buy anything, follow the blog   or become a fan on Facebook because I’ll also be giving great party planning tips, ideas, where to find deals, etc.
> Let me know what you think!  I’m really excited and am putting as much energy into this venture as my little blood will allow me!
> Oh, and speaking of blood, my doctor’s visit last week was uneventful. H&H are the same.  Platelets were down to 50, but no real need to be alarmed.  They can fluctuate so we are ok right now.  I did have a paper cut that bled for about 30 minutes last night, but I am going to say that was just a fluke!
> Don’t forget to check out the website: and to become a fan on Facebook  Oh, and please tell all of your friends, family, coworkers, even people you don’t like!  And, they don’t have to be local.  Everything can be done over phone and email and mailed anywhere in the world!
> Thanks for your support throughout this and hopefully in this new venture, too!
> Scotta
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